Moment Newborn Found Dumped In Bag With Rock On Top

CENPublished: May 10, 201823 views
Published: May 10, 2018

Gabriel Zamfir

Astonished students who found an abandoned newborn girl left to die inside a plastic bag under a large rock have told how they mistook her feeble cries for a dumped puppy.

The four pals had been walking in Salem in Tamil Nadu state, southern India, when they heard whimpering coming from nearby bushes.

Dramatic video footage of the rescue has been seen by thousands of netizens after one of the rescuers posted it on social media.

He wrote: "Just found a baby girl in a bush near my home town. It was so horrible."

According to local media, the friends thought they had found a puppy or a kitten at first.

While they searched using their mobile phones as torches, they spotted something wriggling in a plastic bag at the bottom of a ditch.

To their horror they realised it was a baby girl, so young her umbilical cord was still attached.

Video footage shows two of the rescuers peeling back the plastic and gasping as they see the helpless tot.

A large rock had been placed on top of the bag, believed to have been an attempt to make sure the infant died.

Police told the rescuers to administer first aid, but took more than an hour to reach the scene. While waiting, they wrapped the tot in a towel and fed her cow's milk.

Medics later told the men that the baby was just a few hours old when they found her.

A police spokesperson said: "The child is in hospital and an investigation is underway. A team is looking for those responsible for dumping the baby there."

The rescuers have become regular visitors at the hospital where they continue to check on the baby's recovery.

Their video provoked fury among social media users. Netizen 'MKarthickVijay' said: "Shame on the parents. They will rot in hell if there is such a place."

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