Huge Lorry Misses Toll Booth Worker By Seconds

CENPublished: May 10, 2018
Published: May 10, 2018

Ana Martinez

A quick-moving toll worker escaped by the skin of his teeth when a huge out-of-control lorry crashed into his booth a split second after he ran out of the door.

Three people required medical assistance after the unexpected incident which occurred at the toll area of the motorway Florencio del Castillo in the central Costa Rican province of Cartago.

CCTV images show two employees sitting inside their toll booths when they suddenly get up from their chairs and rush towards the door, obviously seeing what is coming ahead.

A galumphing lorry looms into view, of which the front part slams into the toll booth on the left. By this time the employee is sprinting away while the container crashes into the other booth.

Its trajectory is thankfully stopped by a pillar and the employee runs out of harm’s way. The other toll worker stops just behind his booth and watches the events develop.

According to local sources, paramedics arrived on the scene and attended to the toll booth workers and the driver of the lorry, who were confirmed to be in a stable condition.

Two serious accidents involving vehicles crashing into motorway tolls has been reported in the last six months in Costa Rica. Last November, one of them resulted in the death of former congressman Juan Marin.

The National Roadways Council said they have protocols in place to deal with this kind of situation. They are investigating the incident and putting together a report to repair the damage.

Until then the toll booths in question remain closed.

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