Kindhearted Cop Stops Traffic To Help Cat Cross Road

CENPublished: May 10, 201828 views
Published: May 10, 2018

We believe, it’s really worth watching such sweet events like this one and the cop really deserves a lots of salutes. The Indonesia police officer is being praised rightly on social media for his courteous act! This is the moment a kindhearted cop stops traffic at a busy junction to spare one lucky cat the possibly fatal challenge of crossing the road by itself. The traffic officer knows that he has to intervene to help the little creature cross the road safely. The short-tailed tabby can been seen standing by the side of the road and waiting for the vehicles to stop for him to cross it before the white-capped patrolman holds out his arms to stop traffic, then apparently wriggles his fingers to coax it across the carriageway. The officer accompanies the cat to pass the busy road with a gentle manner!

As the white-chested feline ambles across the asphalt the ever-vigilant officers looks around and escorts the cat to the far side of the road. The footage, which was shared on the South Sumatra Traffic Management Centre’s Instagram account, was filmed at Jl. Merdeka in the Musi Banyuasin Regency’s capital of Sekayu, in South Sumatra, in Indonesia.

The centre added the caption: "All living beings must be guarded and protected, because they are also God’s creation." Within hours of being added online the footage was beginning to go viral, being viewed more than 61,000 times and receiving more than 900 comments. Eventually the animal-loving officer sees the cat to the other side then walks back into the road to resume his traffic management duties.

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