Ex-Convict Posing As Doc Caught Stealing In Hospital

CENPublished: May 10, 2018
Published: May 10, 2018

By John Feng

A recently released convict has been arrested again after he found a lab coat in a rubbish bin and tried to commit theft by pretending to be a doctor.

Footage of the brazen man surnamed Ren shows him casually walking through a hospital corridor in Fuyang City’s Yingzhou District in East China’s Anhui Province.

He is wearing a full-length white coat as well as a medical mask, successfully disguising himself as one of the facility’s medics.

Local police said he had been opening different doors to check whether patients were inside.

He found one patient out of their room and sneaked inside, the video shows.

The authorities said he tried to steal the person’s belongings and was caught red-handed by their returning family members.

Ren was detained by security at the hospital and handed over to the police.

He admitted to seizing the opportunity after finding the white coat in a bin and thought it would help him steal valuables.

The police revealed Ren had only just been released from prison in March after having done time for multiple theft charges.

He was given 15 days’ detention while further investigations continue into his latest attempt.

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