Uni Guard Hacks Stray Dog To Death With Hoe Claim

CENPublished: May 10, 2018
Published: May 10, 2018

By John Feng

Horrified university students say they watched a security guard hack a stray dog to death in front of them with a hoe and toss its carcass next to a rubbish bin.

Footage from the Chongqing Technology and Business University in south-western China shows the stunned and angered young men and women berating the guard, who rides away on a scooter.

A student at the school said the mongrel had been quietly resting by the campus basketball courts when the guard walked up to it and hacked at it using something resembling a farming hoe.

He then allegedly picked up the bleeding animal, which may have still been alive, and threw it next to the bins, images show.

Keith Guo from PETA Asia told Asia Wire that the guard is believed to have been carrying out orders from school officials, who did not wish to experience an incident similar to the one in Central China’s Hunan Province last week, when two female students were attacked by a pack of strays at Xiangtan University.

Reports citing a school staff member also revealed that the stray had been lingering on campus for over half a month, returning every time it was driven away.

The security guard cannot be punished because no laws exist to protect stray animals such as cats and dogs from any form of harm.

PETA Asia Vice-President Jason Baker told Asia Wire: "Dogs in China are at risk of all sorts of horrors - from the country's dog-meat and -leather industries to vicious attacks such as this.

"The most effective way to prevent biting incidents and the overpopulation of cats and dogs on the street are strict laws mandating spay and neuter - violent acts like this do not address the problem.

"PETA is calling for this security guard to be dismissed.

"While PETA condemns all violence towards animals, we’re happy to see that students voiced their concern over the guard’s actions - it’s proof that youth will not stand for animal cruelty, and that how the public views animals is changing.

"This incident is just another reason why China must implement basic animal welfare laws - for the sake of all animals, and because the public demands it."

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