Company Claims Weight-Loss Stick Turns Chicken To Water

CENPublished: May 10, 2018
Published: May 10, 2018

By Gabriel Zamfir

A Japanese company is claiming it has developed a science-defying weight-loss product that can turn beer or chicken into water once it is eaten - providing the user with a guilt-free meal.

The bizarre advert has been shared by social media users in Japan, showing a picture of what appears to be a wooden stick in a glass of water.

The description describes how by sticking this stick into any fattening food or drink, it will reportedly turn into water in your body and you will not ingest any calories.

The caption reads: "Cutting-edge science, finally come true, a medical patent which dissolves fat in the body."

The ad also goes on to claim that its product will crush Rizap, Japan’s current reigning weight-loss product.

The product is called Sousou and costs 12,800 JPY (85.94 GBP), with local media also reporting on it.

In case buyers were not convinced of its magic, the company also uploaded footage of what they call an "actual experiment". A glass of beer being is poured, the magic stick is then stirred around in it and the beer apparently turns into water. Then the 'experiment' is repeated using full-fat dairy cream.

Social media users were suspicious however and have slammed the product.

One wrote: "It looks like it will burn fat and take a few of your organs along with it."

Whilst another wrote: "But if it converts everything to water then you get no nutrition either."

Another commented: "I wouldn’t call hydrochloric acid a ‘cutting-edge’ substance."

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