Little Girl Extremely Disappointed With The Blue Cake Filling

NewsflarePublished: May 9, 201858 views
Published: May 9, 2018

The moment parents reveal the gender of the new baby to their children is always priceless. Watch this hilarious yet heartwarming video of a 4-year-old girl when she discovers the gender of her soon-arriving sibling. It is emotional, it is unexpected and it is cupcake sweet! Watch!

Little Lana was delighted when she found out her parents were having another baby. And the way her parents brought the news was absolutely sweet. Her mom set her down in her lap and gave her a cupcake with filling. The color of the filling reveals the gender of the new baby – blue is for boys and pink, of course, everybody knows, is for the little sister Lana was hoping for so long.

However, she got very disappointed at the cake eating gender reveal. The footage shows Lana bursting into tears after seeing the color blue inside a cupcake. She first gets confused, and then you can see a splash of disappointment covering her face. She turns to her mother as if the mother can “make it all gone”.

"I want a girl," she cries out loud.

The footage was filmed on March 3 in Connecticut but has recently emerged online.
Kids can't hide their true emotions. Watch as this emotional little bursts in tears after finding out that very soon, instead of the sister she was hoping for so long, she is going have a baby brother arriving at the home. It’s cupcake sweet!

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