Daughter All Glammed Up For Prom Pays Dad A Visit At Work

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsSending your daughter off to prom is a special moment. But one dad had to work on the night of his daughter’s prom, and could not be around to see her in her dress or take photos with her. She planned a surprise for her father in her full-prom attire before she went to the high school dance because he was sad he had to work that day. Knowing how much this distressed out her dad, Vanessa Macedo made sure he was included in her prom night anyway. Therefore, Vanessa decided to show up at work and surprise him. She stopped by her dad’s workplace on her way to prom, and they caught the moment on video. His reaction couldn’t be more priceless.

Clearly, it was a touching moment for both father and daughter, as well as for the millions of people who have seen this online. This heart-warming event about their special father-daughter moment was posted on Twitter, with the caption, “My dad was upset that he couldn’t see me on my prom day so I decided to surprise him.” The video has since gone viral, garnering nearly 3 million views online.

We hail this daughter and congratulate her dad because he has raised his daughter to be thoughtful, respectful and wise. This will remain one of hi favorite memories and we are sure that he is so proud of her. We can’t get enough of her father’s priceless expression. The video quickly went viral with users commenting on the adorable father-daughter relationship.

Speaking of prom surprises, we just have to mention this one young lady and her desire to walk again. Morgan, from Utah, had been bound to a wheelchair for almost a year, following a conversion disorder after surgery. The medical professionals could not be explain her immobility, but that did not stop the high school senior from getting her legs back and just in time for prom.

She worked long and hard to literally find her legs again, just so that she can eventually surprise her prom date. When Morgan’s date Tarik rang the doorbell, Morgan’s mom opened the door from the back, so that the first thing Tarik sees with his own eyes is Morgan standing on her own. No wheelchair, no crutches. And she took a few, albeit wobbly, steps towards the entryway, looking magnificent in her dress.

At first he didn’t know what he was seeing, but then realisation hit him. “No, how did you do that?!” he exclaims, before running towards her and throwing a big hug around his gorgeous date.

Morgan shared the clip on her Twitter profile, with the caption: “After not being able to walk with my own two legs for 10 months…I surprised my prom date with this.” She also shared three wonderful pics of them, adding that he is “one of her supporters.”

It seems her transformation tugged on a few heartstrings that day, because she ended the night being named prom queen.

Does someone have a tissue?