Dopey Government Officials Grow Opium By Mistake

CENPublished: May 8, 201813 views
Published: May 8, 2018

By Gabriel Zamfir

Dopey government officials thought they were planting harmless seeds in the courtyard at work but this video shows how they ended up growing a huge opium plantation by mistake.

A pair of office temps have been blamed for the embarrassing blunder, which saw 53 opium plants come into bloom outside the government building in the county of Hua, in Anyang municipality, Henan Province, central China.

They planted the seeds last year but it was months before their mistake was discovered when spring saw the seeds come into bloom with their distinctive red flowers.

An eagle-eyed passerby noticed the flowers, which can be used to make the drug opium which was once the scourge of China, and took used their camera phone to make a video.

Local officials were forced to explain what the flowers were doing there, saying the temporary workers had somehow mistaken the species for a more innocuous variety of poppy.

Local officials in Henan province have been forced to explain why dozens of poppy flowers were recently found growing inside of a government building courtyard.

The workers have now been fired as well as being fined 500 RMB (58 GBP) by police.

Opium, which is used to make heroin, was once China’s drug of choice and is commonly associated with the country’s so-called "century of humiliation" which stretched from 1839 to 1949.

The drug was eradicated in the 1950s when tens of thousands of dealers were executed and addicts were told to clean up or die.

Nowadays, opium poppies are more commonly used in China as a flavouring in cooking.

There are many types of poppy but it is the Papaver somniferum, which has achieved infamy due to its connection to the illegal drug.

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