Talented Husky Joins Little Boy For A Memorable Karaoke Night

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Published: May 8, 2018

This is the heartwarming moment when a talented dog decides to join his human best friend for a karaoke night. An adorable husky who loves the sound of his own howl has taken his talents to another level by singing along with his human family on the karaoke machine. Cuteness overload!

Musically-inclined pup Timber, aged one, has to be the loudest in the room when it comes to talking or singing, according to his owner Brithney Jackson, from Pleasant Hill, Ohio. She filmed Timber and her four-year-old son Tanner singing a duet on the karaoke machine, putting on a show for the rest of the family, on April 15 2018. What a cute duo they make!

She revealed every time they get the karaoke machine out, Timber has to be right there joining in on the good times.This husky is more than a regular pet, he recognizes a great tune when he hears one. He obviously enjoys good music and does his best to contribute to the karaoke performance of his little human best friend. As if having a husky isn't amazing enough!

It turns out that we humans aren't the only ones who love to sing our hearts out on the karaoke machine. When this little boy starts singing in the mike, his canine best friend immediately joins in and starts a howl chain that cannot go unnoticed. What a special bond these two share!

Not to mention how he loves to be on camera and flaunt his talented voice and spice up the karaoke performance with his impeccable pitch! What a perfect way to spend time with family!

We just can’t tell if Timber loves to sing along, or it is his way of telling Tanner to just cut it out! What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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