This Stray Dog Learns What The Concept Of Pampering Means In Practice

Newsflare Published May 8, 2018 4,447 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis stray dog in Brezno, Slovakia learns what the concept of pampering means in practice.

A vagrant dog gets some good old canine massage therapy when a Slovakian barber decides to give him some attention. In this video filmed, April 21 in Brezno, a small town in central Slovakia, the Labrador Max is getting a thorough and intense spoiling from a local barber known only as Iron Moustache. The masseur at one point even pulls out a scalp massage tool, which Max appears to enjoy. Look at that brat, his tongue sticking out and all!

“He got the massage because he is the best of boys,” Iron Moustache explains, labeling the spoiling as a "traditional, powerful head massage." Don’t you just wish to be that good boy for just a few minutes?
Even in ancient Greece, they began to practice massage procedures for animals. The philosopher Arrienus claimed that the animal becomes much healthier and more enduring to the development of various diseases. To date, many animal stores offer dog massage. And this is not surprising, because in many health situations it is the massage that can become an additional and sometimes the main treatment of various diseases. And canine massage does well not only for the good boy who receives it but also for the person who performs it.

So, Iron Moustache Sir, you enjoyed as well after all and so did we!


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