Lioness Jumps On Safari Vehicle Bonnet Leaving Tourists Dumbfounded

NewsflarePublished: May 8, 201820 views
Published: May 8, 2018

A safari at Tanzania's Ngorongoro Crater national park turned comical when a lioness jumped on the vehicle's bonnet and made itself comfortable. The person filming the lions from the top of the safari vehicle hastily gets back inside as the big cat approaches. Unfazed, it jumps on the bonnet of the car and settles down after a quick inspection. The safari guide starts the car's engine to try and get the animal off but the lion is not bothered one bit. Eventually it decides to get off as moment later it is filmed back on the ground.

The footage shows the group of safari vehicles stopped to observe some lions on the road. The curious lionesses which was lazing about as a group of tourists take photos in a safari truck, suddenly wanders over to the vehicle and decides to leap on the bonnet. As the lioness approaches the filmer's vehicle and the tourists quickly climb down from the open-air upper area of the vehicle to the enclosed lower area when the big cat jumps on the hood. Much like a house cat, it decides to lay down on the truck to inflict maximum inconvenience to the tourists.

The filmer writes: "We were terrified because the roof was open! Fortunately, she was not interested in fresh meat, but the warmth of the engine."

However, this is not the first time a big cat has been caught on camera getting up-close and personal with someone sitting on or inside a vehicle. There are testimonies with cheetahs, too. The footage was captured on February 24.

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