Learn About The Perks Of Flying First Class

TravelandLeisure Published May 7, 2018 3,347 Plays

Rumble Have you ever squeezed yourself into your coach seat, only to sit and wonder how life would be at the front of the plane?

Sometimes when you fly, do you ever poke your head into the aisle, look up it to see if you can see what is going on in first class? Do they have cramped seats as well? Or a loud crying baby? Well, now you can see what is actually going on up there.

We are sure people always wonder as do we, about the mysteries of the first class. A user on Reddit.com, a community discussion, and social website, posted a question about the best perks of flying first class. This was posted in AskReddit, a subcommunity within Reddit, used solely for asking questions and having people respond with the answers. This video was made as a summary to some of the best answers.

Some of the perks of being in first class are based purely on design. Since the first class is at the front of the plane they have the luxury of a better boarding experience. They get to come in first, they don’t have to squeeze through a bunch of aisles to get to their seat at the very back, and they get to exit the plane first when it lands. Also, it is quieter and there is less turbulence in the front based on where the engines are positioned and the design of the actual airplane. That alone is already making for a better flight!

If you are a passenger who just can never seem to get comfortable, then you may not want to hear what is going on in first class. The top answer given for the question was about full reclining seats. Now in economy class seating, you obviously can not fully recline your seat back because of the lack of space around you and you most likely have a passenger behind you. In the first class, you are pretty secluded and have some privacy to yourself to lay back. This must be amazing on these long overnight flights when you just want to get some rest and lie back in a much more comfortable seat.

Another big perk from the lists seems to be the dining commodities. You can drink some champagne to help you relax if you get a little stressed while flying or just need a drink. Also, for longer flights you can have a full meal served with real napkins and silverware. No more bags of peanuts or a granola bar, maybe you want a hamburger today! Sometimes, there is even a chef onboard cooking up gourmet meals for some of the passengers! This definitely doesn’t sound like too bad of a flight.

There is definitely a lot of perks to flying first class. Overall, we think the biggest is comfortability. We think the biggest issue of flying in economy is being cramped up, having no privacy, and the noise levels. All which some people have to sit through for long hours at a time. Just the ability to have some quiet time, spread your legs out, and recline that chair back sounds so amazing. Maybe this video will finally give you some insight and might even sway you to try it out for a trip see if you like it. Great video and finally answered the age-old question about what really goes on it first class!