Huge python found wrapped around tree branch

Newsflare Published May 7, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble A farmer was shocked after he returned home to find a 15ft long python wrapped around a tree in his garden.

Rittirong Kongkaew, 38, raised the alarm after he heard his pet dog barking at the snake in Krabi, Thailand, last Thursday.

The bachelor said he tried to wrestle with the snake himself - but the 15kg serpent was ''too strong''.

Wildlife workers arrived and found the reticulated python wrapped around a low hanging branch in Rittirong's back garden.

They eventually bagged it up and released it back into the wild.

Rittirong said: ''I had taken fishing nets to fish in the canal, not far from home. When I put the nets back home, I heard the dog barking loudly.

''The snake was approaching the chicken. So I tried to catch it myself. But the snake was very strong. Can not be caught I need to help rescue. Luckily, they had not eaten the chicken yet.''