Here Are 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Han Solo

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Rumble - Even the most well-known smuggler in the galaxy has a few unknown secrets. From his relationship with Chewbacca, to his Kessel Run claims, to gold dice, there's more to this scruffy-looking nerf herder than meets the eye. WatchMojo counts down the top things you didn't know about Han Solo.

For this list we are looking at little known facts about Han from sources currently regarded as part of the official canon. These facts predate the movie “Solo”, so stories from the expanded universe or legends about Han’s children Jana, Jason and Anakin do not count.

Han Solo met Chewbacca when he rescued him and he now owes Han a “life-debt’. What would Han be without Chewie anyhow? Their somewhat one-sided banter masks a deep bond between man and fuzzball, but the original trilogy does not explain how Han met the Wookie. According to the novel “Star Wars: Aftermath”, the inseparable duo forged their bond some time after the stories in “Clone Wars” and “Revenge of the Sith”.

His character was at least partially based on Francis Ford Coppola. He has become one of the most iconic reluctant heroes in cinematic history; a pragmatic cynical rogue and gambler with a heart of gold. But his cock-sure wit and charm were actually inspired by a real person and a very famous one too. Apparently, Locas drew on the suave, smooth-talking swagger of his friend and fellow filmmaker Frank Coppola when he was putting the cunning character together.

Did you know that he-who-shot-first hails from Corellia? Audiences first encountered Han in the Moss Eisley cantina on the backwater desert world of Tatooine. But the space pilot actually grew up on Corellia, a planet located in the galaxy’s more prestigious inner core.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of facts about the space pilot, so be sure to keep watching if you want to find them all out.