2018 Is Going To Be An Expensive Year For Summer Road Trips

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Published: May 4, 2018

Summer fun is usually complete with an exciting road trip, but this year may require travelers to shell out more than what they used to spend for a summer road trip. Soaring price of oil is the culprit. It had been noted that oil prices are at its peak for the last three years. This is a significant figure to consider. So, if you have been into the tradition of having family fun travel every summer; crossing one state to another for adventure and collecting treasured memories along the way, you may have to cut cost on other travel expenditures to compensate for the increased cost of oil.

Here are some tips to consider to cut allied cost for a family fun travel road trip:

First – cut cost on food expenses without sacrificing the health of your family. Moms are very creative when it comes to this. The trick is to plan and list meals that are easy to prepare with minimal need of a stove. Purchase all ingredients days before the road trip so that there is time to go back to the grocery store if some important items were missed. Along with the planning, consider how the food will be packed and take into account how you will be storing the food inside your car without spilling or getting spoiled.

Some travelers bring along with them a mini stove fueled by butane contained in a very small canister. One canister can be used for meals to cover three days worth of family meals. Of course, this depends on the food planned to be cooked during the road trip. But before you consider bringing along a mini stove, see to it that you can find a place to cook your food during the road trip. Other travelers carry with them a car fridge along with their mini stove. Then again, this could be practical if there are convenient places to cook during the trip.

Second – cut cost on souvenir items. Many travelers have the habit of collecting souvenir items whenever they go to a place. Most of these souvenir items are priced at a much higher price than when bought in a non-tourist place.

Third – cut cost on accommodation or hotel expenses. Some family fun road trips lasts for days. If you plan for your trip at least a month before the trip, you may be able to identify cheaper options without sacrificing convenience or comfort.

Of course, carpooling is another way of cutting cost on your summer road trip. More company, more fun, right? This could work well though for singles who are traveling with a friend – they can simply find other people who are planning for a summer road trip and travel together. But, if you are planning for a family fun road trip, carpooling may not be an option.

So, with the rising prices of oil, will it be a hindrance for you to go for a road trip this summer? Don’t let it stop you to have summer fun on the road. Have fun!

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