Check Out This Duel Between Westworld And Jurassic Park

WatchMojo Published May 3, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble - Two of the most dangerous theme parks in the world collide in a matchup for the ages. Michael Crichton's most exciting stories feature worlds that we could only wish to attend in real life. But which one is better? West world or Jurassic Park? We'll be looking at a range of elements including attractions, activities, accessibility, health & safety, and immersion, to determine which park reigns supreme.

Round 1: Attractions! The brainchild of eccentric visionaries Robert Ford and Arnold Webber, West World is a theme park that is populated with synthetic androids indistinguishable from humans. West world is an ideal destination for those looking for a truly immersive experience. Jurassic world also brings visitors to a time long past. But, the attractions couldn't be any different on Isla Nublar, prehistorical animals that were thought to be gone forever. Flowing downriver on the Cretaceous cruise or heading down on a safari through Gallimimus Valey you’ll be given a glimpse millions of years into the past. Winner: Jurassic world!

Round 2: Activities! West world boasts huge range activities. Follow old timers on a hunt for gold or gun to gun against West world most wanted to embroil yourself in civil war or pick up a weapon and engage in a little friendly samurai swordplay. Jurassic world offers a little more guided experience in the original park, activities were restricted to a presentation at the Visitors Center and an automated Jeep tour around the enclosures, but in the latest iterations at the park, you can stroll through the food of the ancient megafauna in the primordial Botanical Gardens! Winner: West world!

Round 3: Accessibility! From the moment the train drops you off at Sweetwater you have the run of the park! Set out for adventures on foot, horseback wagon or train! Jurassic world now allows some freedom of movement within certain enclosures either by Jeep, kayak or gyrosphere. Winner: West world!

Round 4: Health and safety! The hosts in West world are not only programmed not to hurt humans but also to protect them in genuinely dangerous situations. Jurassic world teething problem, on the other hand, is public knowledge. However, the Security Division was upgraded into world-renowned paramilitary organizations. Winner: Jurassic world!

Round 5: Immersion! West world inspires to be completely immersive. You’ll feel like you’ve really traveled back in time from the moment you step out onto the hot sand and dusty streets. Jurassic world is laid out more like a traditional theme like Disney world it has a main street with gift shops and restaurants! Winner: West world!

West world wins this duel!