Top 10 Harmless Animals That People Are Scared Of

WatchMojo Published May 3, 2018 2,667 Plays $1.59 earned

Rumble These animals couldn't hurt you if you tried, yet for some reason, people are absolutely terrified of all of them! WatchMojo presents the top 10 animals that are completely harmless but scary all the same! But what will take the top spot on our list? Will it be the Tarantula, the Manta Ray, or the Basking Shark!

Number 10: Vulture. They say that you are what you eat but you shouldn’t judge an animal by its diet. Vultures eat only dead or injured animals.

Number 9: Coconut Crab. These enormous crustaceans due to their size and big pincers, however, while their pinch can hurt, they are not deadly to humans and they are really slow.

Number 8: Townsend’s Big-Eared Bat. They are often unfairly maligned by humans due to their depiction in pop culture. These large flying mammals are no bloodsucking fiends and they only eat moths.

Number 7: Milk snake. Milk snakes are kind of King’s snake whose bright color resembles that of their close relatives, the deadly coral snakes. Milk snakes are completely harmless to humans as they are feeding only on small animals and even other snakes.

Number 6: Giant African Millipede. The giant African millipede can grow over a foot long and nearly 3 inches wide making it the largest millipede on the planet. When threatened they curl up in a defensive posture but it isn’t harmful unless you get it in your eyes or mouth.

Number 5: Naked Mole-Rat. This mole-rat is not a mole or even a rat. This African with little hair and teeth outside their mouth and loose aged looking skin. These creatures are rather harmless social burrowers who spend most of their time underground.

Number 4: Aye-Aye. The aye-aye is nocturnal forager with several unusual characteristics that natives find disturbing. The aye-aye taps on trees to find grubs. It's the world's largest nocturnal primate, a lemur native to Madagascar.

Number 3: Basking Shark. With its enormous size and wide cavernous mouth and many rows of teeth can seem intimidating. However, it feeds mostly on plankton and this shark is not ever nearly aggressive or intelligent like other sharks.

Number 2: Tarantula. While we can deny that they can be unnerving, tarantulas have never killed anyone with their bite except for allergic reactions but they are not dangerous as pop culture make us believe.

Number 1: Manta Ray. These gentle giants of the sea may have large intimidating fin spans but like basking sharks, they primarily eat plankton is more of an evolution defense from predators.