Here's Why You Won't See Prince Harry Or Meghan Markle Again Before Their Wedding Day

TravelandLeisure Published May 2, 2018 10,572 Plays

Rumble They have been in the center of the public eye since they announced their engagement way back in November 2017. Since then, Prince Harry and his soon-to-be-princess, actress Meghan Markle have become two incredibly visible people. The happy couple has dazzled crowds, both together and apart, all over the United Kingdom. Now, it is time for some radio silence and here’s why.

According to the media, both the Prince and Meghan have no official engagements from now until their wedding day on May 19. This means that the next time we will see the duo will be as they walk down the aisle at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. This doesn’t mean that they will be kicking up their feet until then, as they are both very much engaged planning their wedding.

For Harry, it means getting in his tip-top shape by hitting the gym and taking on his fiancé’s clean lifestyle by eating kale and quinoa instead of burgers and beer. As for Meghan, People magazine explains that she may be entertaining her bridal party over the next few weeks as they stealthily fly in and out of London for various fittings and meetings.

We have no idea who will be part of the bridal party, but we do know of one person who will definitely be standing next to the couple on their big day and that is Prince William. Just last week the Palace announced that Prince Harry has confirmed that his older brother will take on the duties as best man.

All in all, it will be pretty much like any other wedding. Except, maybe, the part where the whole world will be able to watch. No pressure or anything...