Teen Girl Hangs Self From Balcony For Instagram Snaps

CENPublished: May 2, 2018
Published: May 2, 2018

This is the shocking moment a teenage girl risked her life hanging from a balcony at a block of flats so her friend could take photographs for Instagram.

A video shows the youngsters’ deadly photoshoot at a tower block with one of them climbing over the safety railings and dangling high above the ground.

Footage shows how she hung on for dear life while her friend took a series of snaps for social media.

The girl, believed to be around 16-years-old, risked her life for "likes" at an unidentified location in Russia.

The unnamed pair were caught on camera by a shocked onlooker who filmed them using a camera phone.

A clip shows them laughing and swearing on the balcony, which is many storeys up.

They then sit with their legs straddling the metal railings, one of the girls screaming excitedly.

If that was not dangerous enough, one of the pair then decided to climb over the railings.

At first she supports herself with her legs before letting them drop away so she is hanging by just her hands.

Her friend then takes a series of photographs, presumably for use on social networking websites such as Instagram.

The video, shot by an unnamed onlooker who was so shocked they did not say anything, was later uploaded online much to the horror of netizens.

One netizen 'Andrey' said: "What a stupid thing to do, likes will not save you from fall and broken bones"

While another called 'Igor' said: "I wonder if they were drunk or high? It looks like they are hanging form the balcony not for the first time"

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