Top Ten Old-Timey Diseases That Are Making A Comeback

WatchMojo Published May 1, 2018 4 Plays $0.01 earned

Rumble - Once upon a time, these afflictions were common, then they all but disappeared. So why are we suddenly hearing about them again? From Syphilis, to Leprosy, to Dengue Fever these once obsolete diseases are coming back in a big way.

WatchMojo counts down the top 10 old timey diseases that are coming back to haunt us. For this list, we are focusing on diseases that many associate with nightmares and shivers down the spine. Watch this video to find out more!

Back in the days, sexually-transmitted disease Syphilis was bad news which caused open sores, crippling pain and eventually brain damage and death. Just ask iconic gangster Al Capone who famously contracted Syphilis and saw its effects worsen each year.

Thankfully, with the discovery of Penicillin the world was handed a simple cure to the sexually transmitted scourge. No need to think about worst case scenarios anymore.

Unfortunately, Syphilis not only continues to spread, but is also actually on the rise again. The culprit is likely poor sexual practices. It’s treatable of course, and this old-timey disease will continue its comeback unless people actually get tested and treated.

If you don’t live in a tropical climate, the Dengue Fever mosquito disease may not seem like an issue. However, after WWII, this fever became much harder to ignore as displaced people spread the disease, forcing the international community to invest in research and measures to control mosquito populations.

Despite these efforts, Dengue Fever remains a timely problem, especially in Southeast Asia where children are at serious risk. This old-timey disease is highly infectious but thankfully it is unlikely to be fatal if appropriate medical attention is given. Then, again, as so often is the case, treatment can be hard to come by in impoverished areas. Proceed with this video and find out more as we count down.