Prince William And Kate Middleton Celebrated Their Wedding Anniversary

TravelandLeisure Published April 30, 2018 36,304 Plays

Rumble It is no secret that royals love to celebrate, and Prince William and Kate Middleton’s anniversary is no exception. On Sunday, William and Kate celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary by sharing an adorable photo of their wedding day, April 29, 2011.

These days, there’s a lot going on with the British royal family, from introducing the new babies to the world, to Harry and Meghan’s upcoming royal wedding. In addition, we have to mention Princess Eugenie’s fall nuptials, and not forget Queen’s 92nd birthday celebration! Royals indeed have a lot to celebrate!

Therefore, one might think that some important anniversaries might fall through the cracks and not get the desired attention. However, when sibling power is strong and when baby brother is detail oriented these things won’t slip his mind! Check out what Prince Harry did for his brother’s wedding anniversary!

However, when it comes to the royal family we have to bear in mind that they are highly romantic and enjoy celebrating everything, including Prince William and Kate Middleton’s copper wedding anniversary. William will soon have the opportunity to return the favor, as he will be Harry’s best man on May 19.

Picture shows William and Kate sitting in an Aston Martin Volante car decorated by William’s best man, Prince Harry in a vintage fashion, with red heart-shaped balloons and a licence plate reading the words ‘JU5T WED’ for the cute drive around London. What a kind gesture this is!

Reportedly, Kensington made the official best man announcement in a statement that read, ‘The Duke of Cambridge is honored to have been asked, and is very much looking forward to supporting his brother at St George’s Chapel, Windsor on May 19th.’ Sibling power in its finest!