Canadian arrested after Bangkok airport restaurant rampage

Newsflare Published April 30, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble This was the bizarre moment a drunk Canadian businessman was arrested after a rampage through an airport restaurant.

Donald Sophonow, 38, had checked into Suvarnabhumi, Airport, in Bangkok last Monday (April 23) evening when he visited the cafe.

But he caused chaos when he grabbed several buns and Thai food ready meals from inside a display cabinet - ignoring staff's demands not to touch the food.

Security guards arrived as Sophonow - who works in the offshore oil and gas industry - hurled the food around the shop and spat at staff.

Sophonow from Burnaby, British Columbia, was restrained in a wheelchair and taken to the airport's police station where he was found guilty of drunkenness and destruction of property.

Airport cop Bandit Chawala said: ''The suspect was aggressive when staff would not allow him to handle the food himself.

''The rules are that customers choose their sandwiches and workers prepare it and serve it. He reached inside the counter and took a lot of food himself then threw it down.

''He spat at people and was drunk and aggressive. He was charged with drunkenness and destruction of property and made to pay compensation for the damages and fined.''

Sophonow was fined before being sent on his way out of the country. He describes himself online as an ''offshore driller and resort entrepreneur'' with ''19 years experience in oil and gas industry''.