Bizarre moment alligator tows dead alligator in Florida swamp

Newsflare Published April 30, 2018 71 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeVisitors to the Big Cypress Preserve in Florida witnessed the rare sight of an alligator swimming with a dead alligator in its jaws.

The footage, captured on February 16, shows an alligator dragging a huge carcass as it swims in a swamp.

According to witnesses, the alligator later took the carcass to the bank area and fed on it along with other alligators.

The filmer writes: ''The dead alligator that was being towed had been sick the week before and the conservancy officials said was seen swimming on its side.

''This indicated it was sickly so they weren’t surprised to see this happen.

''After the gator towed the gator, it brought it to the bank area and later came back to feed on it along with other gators.

''We also observed the dead gator's head which had been ripped off that was laying on the bank.''