Thinker Cat Puts Its Head Under Sink Water For Answers

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Published: April 27, 2018

This is the hilarious moment when an unsuspecting cat turns curiosity mode on and goes on a quest to investigate how sink water works. Watch as the confused feline puts its head under the running faucet and waits for a miracle! Cuteness overload!

A cat inspects a sink drain while the water is running. When it looks into the drain the water splashes around making the cat more interested in the science behind this process. Little did the cat know that it's only getting itself wet on the head! Hilarious!

This confused feline is seen sitting in the bathroom sink, enjoying its daily shower on the head. Such a sophisticated little feline! However, it seems like this ball of fur is merely confused by the purpose of the running water, as it only sits there under the faucet, as if it was looking for answers. Watching water pour down in the sink in front of her, we wonder if she even knows that the water is falling directly on its head! Curiosity killed the cat, indeed!

We have seen many cats having a strange fashion of drinking from the shower faucet while sitting in the bathroom sink. However, this cat fetish does not apply on this curious feline. This cat is obviously confused and tries to figure out the purpose of the running water, but doesn’t get the urge to drink from it. She is more concerned about ‘Where does the water come from?’

Watch how this careful cat is only partially under the running water as its body is nested in a safe distance away from the faucet. When a cat sits in the sink and puts its head under a faucet you would expect the kitty to drink the water. However, our cat her is more of a thinker than drinker!

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