Cops Punch Motorist In Face For Not Stopping At Crossing

CENPublished: April 27, 2018
Published: April 27, 2018

This is the shocking moment two policemen punch a motorist three times in the face for failing to stop for them at a pedestrian crossing.

The violent incident took place in the city of Lipetsk in south-western Russia’s Lipetsk Oblast region and was recorded on the dashcam of a nearby motorist.

In footage, a group of cops in uniform rounds a corner and files across the pedestrian crossing.

A motorist fails to stop for some of the officers, but pulls up several metres after the crossing to acknowledge his mistake.

Two angry policemen march towards the stationary vehicle and the driver opens his door.

The first burly cop says a few words, points to the crossing and thumps the man hard in the face.

Feeling that the point had not been made, the second policeman follows his colleague and whacks the man in the face two more times.

According to local media, the motorist visited a hospital after the attack for treatment to "facial injuries".

He filed a complaint against the officers, but there has been no update on whether local authorities will investigate the case.

Netizen ‘XyuChel’ commented: "That is ridiculously over the top. I hope the authorities take action."

But ‘SpookGhostist’ said: "That is the best punishment for people who do not stop at pedestrian crossings."

And ‘Siskoson’ seemed to agree, saying: "He is a piece of sh*t driver in a foreign car! I bet he thinks he is the king of the streets and that all the pedestrians he misses should bow down before him."

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