Fancy a corpsicle? Woman finds dead rat in ice pop

NewsflarePublished: April 27, 2018
Published: April 27, 2018

A Chinese woman started chomping into an ice pop only to find a frozen - and very dead - rat inside.

The video, filmed in southern China's Jiangsu Province on April 24, shows a rat's tail emerging from the top of a half-eaten ice pop.

The unfortunate woman, known only as Yang, initially thought it was a caterpillar and asked her friend to have a look.

However, they realized that it was a rat's tail after her friend tried to pull it out of the ice pop.

According to reports, Yang went back to the supermarket where she bought the ice pop from and demanded 50,000 yuan - nearly 6,000GBP - in compensation.

The shop owner reportedly offered her instead dozens of ice pops but eventually agreed to pay up 2,000 yuan (nearly 230GBP).

Yang reported the incident to the local regulatory authority as she was unsatisfied with the outcome.

But she was informed that the most she could receive in compensation was 1,000 yuan (114GBP), based on the rules.

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