Dramatic video captures female skydiver’s crash into pond

Newsflare Published April 26, 2018 3,305 Plays

Rumble / Trending NewsA female skydiver was injured after crashing into a pond at Skydive City in Zephyrhills, Florida, on April 18.

In the video, a skydiver using a bright orange chute can be seen dropping at a fast rate.

As she approaches the pond, she hits it at a steep angle, makes a crash landing and goes under water as the crowd gasps.

People are seen rushing to the skydiver’s aid to get her out of the water.

“Other skydivers jumped in to get her out and the paramedics were called immediately,” the filmer said.

As the video continues, paramedics are seen arriving and a helicopter eventually airlifts her to a hospital.

"Officials say she was alert and conscious when she was flown to Lakeland Regional Hospital. There is no word on her current condition or how serious her injuries are,” WFLA reported on the day of the accident.