Late Woman Stuck Between Security Doors And Train

CENPublished: April 26, 2018
Published: April 26, 2018

This distressing viral video with more than 5 million views shows a woman who was late for work trapped between a set of platform doors and a moving train.

The unnamed woman, who miraculously escaped without injury, had allegedly forced the platform security doors open after they had already closed, but she was left stranded after being unable to board the crowded the train.

Footage taken by a witness at Bao’an Highway Station in East China’s Shanghai Municipality showed the train pulling away at speed while the woman stood nervously in the narrow gap in front of the platform doors.

A commuter on the train at the time was quoted as saying the woman arrived after the security doors had shut and prised them apart with her hands, saying: "I’m late [for work]."

But she was unable to squeeze into the crowded carriage before the train doors closed too, leaving her stuck dangerously in the middle.

The woman eventually returned to the platform after staff members opened the security doors once more, but authorities are investigating how she was able to pull them open in the first place.

Sensors should also have alerted the train driver that the security doors had been breached, which would have ordered a stop in operations, reports said.

It is unclear whether the woman faces any fines for her actions.

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