Mum Canes Son Until He Bleeds Over Lost Tablet

CENPublished: April 26, 201819 views
Published: April 26, 2018

his shocking footage shows a mother repeatedly beating her son with a cane until it breaks and he is left screaming and bleeding - because he lost her tablet at school.

The mum surnamed Xu, 32, punished her son deliberately in front of the camera and sent the footage to his school principal in a bizarre attempt to retrieve the mobile device, which he had sneaked into class without her knowledge.

The video filmed in their home in Fengqiu County in Central China’s Henan Province shows the boy surnamed Li, aged 13, standing shirtless with this back to his mum, who addresses the audience.

"Look here. Whatever wrongs he’s done to you, I’m punishing him for you now," she says, directing her words at whoever stole the tablet from her son.

"I hope you can see your way to quietly returning the tablet," she adds before the lashing begins.

She hits her son across the back using the dowel rod, striking him so hard that it snaps.

She continues the punishment by repeatedly asking him: "Did you take it to school? Did you take it to school?"

The boy, on the verge of tears, screams back: "Yes"

When his mum will not stop hitting him, the boy eventually breaks down and cries.

"Did you take it to school?" she asks again, prompting the yelled response: "Yes!"

"Where is it now?" she asks.

The boy screams through tears: "I don’t know!"

In the video, the mum also says: "Principal, watch this."

Fengqiu County police said they summoned the mother of four, whose husband works elsewhere, and reprimanded her.

The mother "expressed remorse over her actions" the authorities said, with the woman unlikely to receive any punishment despite leaving visible cuts and bruises on her son’s back.

The boy is reportedly a sixth-year pupil at Jiaxiang Experimental School. The make of the tablet was not reported.

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