Bungling Thief Drops Huge Wad Of Loot Under CCTV Cam

CENPublished: April 26, 2018
Published: April 26, 2018

This footage shows a bungling suspected thief who had allegedly robbed a credit company’s safe dropping huge wads of cash directly underneath a CCTV camera as he tries to escape.

The bizarre incident took place in the city of Tambov in south-western Russia’s Tambov Oblast region.

After leaving the pile of cash on the street and walking away, several pedestrians casually walked past the discarded dosh without batting an eyelid.

According to reports, the 27-year-old man broke into the offices of a credit company and stole 30 million RUB (343,000 GBP) from the safe.

The amount of cash was so large that he could not cram it all into his holdall so he had to stuff some in his jacket.

In funny footage, the thief is seen walking along the street with his bag when several wads of cash fall on the ground, apparently from under his jacket.

He stops to collect a few wads but leaves the rest sprawled across the asphalt.

Surprisingly, four residents casually walk past the discarded loot but do not pay it any mind.

According to reports, police identified the bungling suspected thief and detained him after a two-week investigation.

By the time of his arrest, the unnamed suspect had already spent a large chunk of the cash covering unspecified debts and buying a flat, according to reports. Police reportedly recovered some of the cash from a rented garage although it is unclear how much and whether they seized his flat.

The suspect is currently in custody and awaiting trial.

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