Little Girl Attacked By Stray Dog In Schoolyard

CENPublished: April 26, 2018
Published: April 26, 2018

This is the heartbreaking moment a little girl struggled to get free as a stray dog attacked her in a schoolyard.

The shocking incident was caught on camera by a 12-year-old eyewitness with a smartphone from a classroom window.

The young girl was attacked outside a school in the town of Nadym in north-central Russia's Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug region.

The footage begins with the girl on the snow-covered ground while a white dog stands over her and another dog sniffs around nearby.

She tries to get to her feet but the dog bites the back of her head which was fortunately protected by her hood.

The little girl tries to wriggle free but the dog keeps trying to bite her while climbing on her back.

She manages to stagger away with the dog still trying to pull the girl down and bite her through her winter coat.

Eventually, the little girl makes it to the school building and the dog gives up and lets her go.

Local officials are looking into the incident but said that the girl escaped without serious injury.

A spokesman said: "It's hard to say what happened. Maybe the dog was simply playing with the child.

"Experts are currently trying to grasp the situation. It will become more clear later on. Bottom line is that the child did not get injured."

The footage of the incident is proving popular with viewers after it was posted on video-sharing platforms.

Netizen ‘tarko-sale’ said: "There are packs of stray dogs at schools. The problem can get out of hand", while 'Zhitel goroda Noyabrsk’ added: "It's time to shoot them down."

Attacks by dogs are regarded as a serious problem in Russia where the authorities are reportedly spending 1.4 million GBP to kill strays in host cities ahead of the World Cup.

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