Angry Thug Punches Women In Wrong Taxi Office

CENPublished: April 26, 2018
Published: April 26, 2018

A violent thug who walked into a taxi office and punched two women employees in the face may have got the wrong address.

The man was reportedly angry after a cab failed to pick him up in the closed town of Sarov in central Russia's Nizhny Novgorod Oblast region.

But local media believe he was actually let down by a rival taxi firm who gave him the wrong office address on purpose.

The vicious attack, caught on CCTV security cameras, shows the tall man and a friend walking into the office where two women are working.

He punches the first one, who was standing by the entrance, in the face and then walks over to the other woman, who was sitting behind a desk, and does the same to her.

After giving the women a piece of his mind, the man turns around and walks back out of the office, kicking the first woman on the way out, with his friend.

Local media reports the man was angry after he was let down by a taxi firm but believe he got the wrong office and may have been given the wrong address by the rival operator.

Police have launched an investigation into the attack and have reportedly identified one of the men from the video and hope to make an arrest shortly.

The footage is proving compulsive viewing online after it was posted on video-sharing platforms.

Netizen ‘Gorozhanin’ said: "What a mobster, this is awful. At least there were cameras, I hope that he won’t be able to escape justice."

And an anonymous user added: "What an idiot, he won’t escape prison and his children won’t be able to qualify for state work."

Sarov, which was previously known as Arzamas-16 and then Kremlyov, is closed as it is Russia's nuclear research centre.

Russia still has a number of closed towns and cities, where access is restricted, which are home to sensitive military establishments or secret research installations.

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