Cheeky Monkeys Sneak Into Family's Hotel Room To Steal Their Snacks

Newsflare Published April 26, 2018 95 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis is the amusing moment a family on holidays in Costa Rica receive the unexpected visit of two hungry monkeys to their apartment. So, as you will see in this video this is a home to this specific kind of monkey which feel very much comfortable around humans. They are very use to them since this is a very popular attraction for tourist to visit.

These monkeys also know that humans are bound to have food with them. It has now gotten to that level where they don't even wait for the people to offer them some but instead they just come in and take it themselves.

The footage, captured on March 20, shows a monkey sneaking into the family's property to grab two packs of snacks on a table. ‘’Hi buddy, are you going to take the chips, really?’’ a man can be heard saying in the background amid the uncontrollable laughter of his daughter .

The cheeky ape then stands on the balcony to eats some crackers before jumping back to a tree nearby. A second monkey eventually arrives at the scene and grabs the pack of snacks his mate left. ‘’We don’t have any more. Your friend took them all,'' says the man. Later on, one of the monkeys can be seen eating more snacks whilst the other roams around.