Majestic Dalmatian Pooches Pose For Picture Perfect On Cue

StoryfulPublished: April 26, 201864 views
Published: April 26, 2018

A family of flawless Dalmatians posed for a photograph in Liverpool, England, recently. Paris, Rome, Florence and Vienna have to be some of the most well-trained Dalmatians you could ever find. On command, the four pups sat down and didn’t budge until the photograph was taken. These guys were born to model, watch as they pose for their picture perfect shot!

This is the adorable moment a pack of four Dalmatians pose so perfectly for a photo, that you might think they have spent a lifetime working as models. The amusing clip was recorded in Liverpool, and shows the four obedient canines patiently posing for the camera.

The white blanket on the grass behind them, makes for the perfect scenery to match the coat of these majestic dogs. In order to take nice shot of the four canines, the owner presented the ‘sit’ command to which all dogs obeyed eventually. There is one little rascal who has trouble concentrating on the camera lens, but moments later, he stares at the camera, and the picture perfect is born! Immediately after the shot was taken, and they were given the sign, the dogs can be seen rushing towards the photographer, supposedly giving hugs and kisses!

Watch and laugh at what is involved in setting them up in the right position to pose. Some of them hold perfectly still with an air of ice-cool indifference, waiting for the photographer to snap the picture away, while others get easily distracted. However, they all obey the command and stare at the camera on cue.

Becoming a model is a long-term process. There are those who have been born for it, but they still have to maintain the looks that have brought them in the eye of the camera. You still have to learn to walk a runway, angle yourself in all the right ways, even make that inner model shine for the camera always. Our stars in this hilarious video are the four majestic Dalmatians who pose with grace and are the perfect dog model.

Credit: Janet Connolly via Storyful

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