Woman Hatches Chick From Egg Bought At Aldi

CENPublished: April 25, 2018
Published: April 25, 2018

This is the moment an amateur chicken farmer managed to hatch a chick from an egg she had bought at an Aldi supermarket.

Anja Pueschmann, 50, from the Witzschdorf district of the eastern German state of Saxony, bought a carton of six eggs from the supermarket and put them under an incubator.

She had heard on a Facebook group about raising chickens that it was possible to hatch chicks from shop-bought free-range eggs.

So she bought half a dozen eggs from her local Aldi and put them under her incubator lights as an experiment.

Around three weeks after she put the eggs in the incubator, she saw - and filmed - a chick beginning to peck its way through one of the eggs.

Ms Pueschmann commented on Facebook: "First it chirped in the egg, then it gently pecked on the shell. A chick came out."

She named the chick ‘Aldi’ and posted the video of it hatching on the supermarket's Facebook page.

Ms Pueschmann said she had been told it only worked with free range eggs as roosters needed to find their way to the hens to fertilise the eggs.

And Aldi's social media team were clearly amused, commenting: "The rooster was indeed faster there."

They tried to find out from which of their supermarkets she had bought the egg to check out the "production chain for possible errors".

But the hobby farmer said she did not want to "cause trouble" to the suppliers and more importantly to the rooster so she declined to reveal the information.

Some social media users even accused her of making up the story, but she denied the accusation pointing out that the batch number could clearly be seen on the egg.

'Aldi' the chick is apparently doing well at Ms Pueschmann's home where it is currently being kept in a rabbit cage but will soon be moved into her outdoor coop.

And Ms Pueschmann says she plans on repeating the experiment, revealing: "The next chick will be called Lidl."

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