Murdered Escort Talked Of Machetes And Torture

CENPublished: April 25, 2018
Published: April 25, 2018

A murdered escort predicted her death and allegedly named her would-be killer in a haunting video that spoke of torture and machete threats just weeks before her body was found outside a school with acid poured on her face.

Kenni Mireya Finol became the sixth prostitute to be murdered in Mexico in the last year after her body was found dumped in Ecatepec in the central Mexican state of Mexico.

The 26-year-old was killed on 25th February. She had signs of violent torture and acid had been poured on her face. Her head was covered with a plastic bag and duct tape.

According to recently-surfaced footage, the escort knew that she was going to be killed and filmed a video diary where she allegedly begged her would-be killer: "Wait a bit so I have time to run away."

Mireya Finol arrived in Mexico from Venezuela in 2015 to become a model but quickly fell into prostitution. She met her alleged killer at a party in April 2017.

Brayan Mauricio Gonzalez, alias'El Pozole', a suspected member of the criminal group ‘La Union Tepito’, is the person she allegedly named in the footage.

They began a relationship which ended in September 2017. She reportedly said: "He is evil. He kills for fun, not money. I lived with him and several times he killed people for nothing right in front of me."

In October 2017, Gonzalez and five accomplices allegedly attacked Mireya Finol and a friend, leaving them battered and bruised and demanding that she leave the country.

This is when she is said to have filmed the haunting video diary asking that she be given time to recover from her injuries and return to Venezuela.

The suspect started a relationship with one of her friends and fellow escort, Karen Ailen Grodzniski.

Grodzniski was found dead two months later on 27th December 2017 after suffering a gunshot wound to the head.

According to Mireya Finol, quoted in local media: "He killed her, he called me over and said ‘look, I just killed Karen’ and then I knew that I would be next."

Mireya Finol’s murder is being investigated by the state attorney general’s office. Local authorities believe that the deaths of the two escorts are connected to others in the area.

According to the latest reports, Gonzalez has not been arrested yet. The case continues.

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