Adorable Dog And Owner Have Motorcycle Adventures Together

NewsflarePublished: April 24, 2018Updated: April 25, 201893 views
Published: April 24, 2018Updated: April 25, 2018

Riding is better with friends...but for some people, the best friend to ride with is "man's best friend", with their dog! From toy dogs tucked in jackets to German Shepherds in sidecars, we talk about people who ride with their dogs and the various ways they pull it off and we think that is so amazing! This video is a man riding on his motorbike with his dog!

An adorable dog managed to maintain his balance while riding on a motorcyle in northern Thailand. In this video, that you won’t believe your eyes the dog can be seen sitting perfectly still on a motorcycle seat while his owner navigates the road. A passenger who recorded this video says: “I was riding my moped for a day out at the Tan Sawan waterfall and I saw the dog,” the filmer said. “He looked so cute.” We guess these two will go on a adventure!

But if you’re thinking about riding with your dog, there are a bunch of different ways to pull it off, and they vary greatly on what kind of dog you have and where and how you’ll be riding. Usually, the dog needs to be strapped in front of the driver or to his back, but not this awesome dog, he has his balance on point! When the camera comes closer to them you can see on the dog’s face that there is a smile! Amazing video!

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