Easter Will Never Be The Same For These Siblings

remifemy Published April 23, 2018 10,458 Plays $15.06 earned

Rumble / PranksHolidays are a time when you gather around a table with your closest family and enjoy their presence. It’s a peaceful time full of laughter, bad jokes and good food. What it shouldn’t be is an opportunity to create bad memories that would follow you for the rest of your life.

Watch these kids get freaked out as a creepy Easter Bunny approaches them. The boy says that "That's not the Easter Bunny!" and he’s right. That’s his father performing a really bad prank, posing as an evil bunny and scaring and scarring his children forever. Not funny, Dad! The siblings are so spooked by the appearance of the bunny, they start running away and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Bunny costumes have the same potential to be frightening as clown costumes. Just a slight alteration of the design might make the overall look more sinister and appear as if it came out of a horror movie. Bunnies and clowns aren’t supposed to be scary, but recent depiction of them in popular culture has made them the epitome of evil. Just think about Frank from Donnie Darko and Pennywise the Dancing Clown from It. Civilization has a way of attributing certain mystic characteristics to ordinary animals and objects. It is a way of making life more intriguing and explain a lot of events that would otherwise be considered unexplainable.