People Went A Bit Overboard With These Fan Theories

WatchMojo Published April 21, 2018 4 Plays $0.01 earned

Rumble - What will the fans think of next? Welcome to, and today we will be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Bizarre Television Fan Theories.

For this list, we will be looking at those theories about our favorite shows that fans have been debating about. We will stick to in-world theories, so if you think that “Firefly” was canceled by the government or that “The Simpsons” predicted 9/11, you are looking at a list for another day. If not, stick with WatchMojo and open up those neurons.

We all know the numerous and creepy ways that The Simpsons has predicted real-life events, so we start the list with this show. Still, long-reigning fans of the decades-spanning series have also noticed some bizarre inconsistencies. Since it is quite normal for the show to stick to a consistent time frame, with the characters never growing old, how come they are always aware of the technologies and culture of the time it airs?

Number 9 is Sesame Street. Fans of the show have noticed, similarly to The Simpsons, that the child residents on Sesame Street, don’t age, but they just keep getting replaced with new kids. This can simply be explained with simple cast changes in the studio, but in the world that is Sesame Street, the only explanation is that those kids keep ending up being fed to the Count.

Number 8 begs the question “Who is the Scranton Strangler” from The Office. Some call it the “throw-away gag” that stuck as a recurring joke. A mysterious and murderous strangler in the quiet town of Scranton has no place in a situational comedy. Unless, according to this fan theory, it is one of the main characters. Let’s leave it at that.

The rest of this list keeps getting cookier. You have to keep watching to find out though!