Amazing Pregnancy Announcement With Takeout Food

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Rumble A family with a restaurant pregnancy announcement tradition received a special delivery when a daughter flew across the country to surprise her parents with takeout. Victoria Cohen’s brother Grant and his wife Chanel announced their first child seven years ago over dinner at a Maggiano’s restaurant in Los Angeles.

The couple thought it would be funny to announce baby number two in the same setting when, despite not being a regular family joint, none of them realized.

And after becoming a running joke for the family, when they were ready to announce their third child, the pair couldn’t get everyone together on the same date so had to reveal they were planning to go back to Maggiano’s.

So, when Victoria and her husband Tom Burke became pregnant, they wanted to keep the tradition alive and decided to go one step further.

They jumped on a flight from their home in Chicago to surprise her parents Darryl Cohen and Nini Dake in Orange County, California, with a special delivery takeout.

In the uplifting video, Victoria rings the bell and her dad answers the door - he immediately notices the takeout bags she is holding and is left speechless. Pregnancies are amazing and they should be shared with love and happiness together with the ones you love!

Pregnancy is beautiful! Pregnancy is truly an amazing and glorious time in a woman's life. Not everyone agrees, but pregnancy really is a miracle. From one cell, we create an entirely new human being!


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