Top 10 Most Anticipated TV Reboots

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Rumble - So many reboots, remakes, and TV revivals these days, so here's our list of the top 10 upcoming TV reboots you should be excited for.

Number 10: “Roswell”. Airing from 1992 to 2002, Roswell is one of those shows who got canceled far too soon no matter how many bottles of Tabasco sauce supporters sent it looked like this cult show was dead and buried. In October 2017 when a story puts a fresh spin on immigration as a young woman with undocumented parents and a teenage crush that is an illegal alien.

Number 9: “The L World”. This groundbreaking drama followed several women who preferred the same sex. 8 years after the show aired their last episode it was announced that Showtime was eying a sequel series with creator Ilene Chaiken.

Number 8: “Sister, Sister”. Tia and Tamera have been hinting at a possibility of a Sister, Sister reunion for a while now. Considering that the original show ended almost 20 years ago it will fun to catch up with the old gang.

Number 7: “The Jetsons”. In 2017 it was announced that ABC and WB Television would be collaborating on a live-action multi-camera comedy series based on the Jetsons.

Number 6. “ Murphy Brown”. CBS has officially announced that Candice Bergen is reprising her Emmy winning role for a 13-episode 11th season.

Number 5: “Animaniacs”. Despite being loaded with timely pop-culture references, Animaniacs still manages to remain timeless even decades later. The premiere is set for 2020.

Number 4: “Young Justice: Outsiders”. Yet another show that got prematurely axed. In 2016 Warner Brothers announced the third season.

Number 3: “Carmen Sandiego” Carmen Sandiego dominated popular culture throughout the late 80’s and 90’s after several years being absent fans are asking for Carmen Sandiego. The answer is on Netflix.

Number 2: “ She-Ra”. When people think of a kick-ass animated princesses Shira is one of the first names that come to mind. The new Shira series will be a collaboration between Netflix and DreamWorks Animation.

Number 1: “The Twilight Zone”. The Twilight Zone has actually been revived a couple of times although none has ever been able to top the rich storytelling of the original 1959 series. If you been on the fence about getting CBS all access this series just might convince you to enter another dimension.