Birthday Scavenger Hunt Leads To Adoption Papers

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Rumble This is the heart-warming moment a step-daughter creates an elaborate scavenger hunt for clues that lead her step-dad to surprise adoption papers. Lacee dreamed up the idea as a way of surprising and thanking her step-dad, Jason Jusino, on his 35th birthday. The hunt begins at the family’s home in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, where Jason is given a set of coordinates to enter into his GPS. It leads him to the first envelope containing a single word, hidden on a shelf of soft toys in a shop, which he is not allowed to open until the end of the quest. He is also given another set of coordinates and repeats the exercise, finding the next envelope on a pier near the Fudpuckers restaurant.

The third stop is a bar, where Jason orders two Jesters, providing the code word which led the bartender to hand over another envelope. After that the trip proceeds to a Build-a-Bear shop before the family finally sits down for food at the end of an action-packed day. Jason opens the first four envelopes, containing the words Will, You, Be and My in a jumbled order.

After an action-packed day visiting some of their favorite places and unearthing the hidden clues, the family finally sits down for food. There a waitress hides the fifth and final envelope containing the last word of the sentence, which when opened helps spell out “Will you be my dad?” At that precise moment Lacee hands Jason the official documents showing her application to be adopted by him and legally change her last name to his. Lacee hugs her stepfather as both of them start crying, then hands Jason the official documents showing her application to be adopted by him and legally change her last name to his.

In another heartwarming video we witness the amazing moment when one unsuspecting dad is opening his early birthday present and is brought to tears of joy after receiving a wonderful surprise.

This is the heartwarming moment an unsuspecting dad was brought to tears by his family. Angel Trevino and her 11-year-old daughter, HaLeigh, secretly went about changing the girl's last name to the same as her adopted dad. On Feb. 1, they sat David down and made him read out a letter explaining the whole thing. ‘You stole her heart from day one, but she stole your last name forever’, was just one of the lines that brought tears to David's eyes.

This is the beautiful moment when a girl surprised her step-dad with the adoption papers. Footage shows the unsuspecting man read a letter out loud, which explains the whole thing! After carefully reading the papers, the tough guy is overwhelmed with emotion. Watch as David’s face tears up when he finds out the news! He embraces his adopted daughter and reads the adoption papers in order to believe his eyes! What an adorable moment!

The hardy father could not stop crying with happiness when he was presented with the adoption papers by his girl. The early birthday present left the man speechless and in tears, making for the best surprise ever caught on camera!

The incredible gesture caused an emotional reaction when David started reading the papers in the family’s home. HaLeigh’s mother, Angel, recorded her husband’s reaction in what is one of the more touching videos you’re likely to see. Get your tissues ready!

There are many other videos capturing the moment when adoption news are broken to unsuspecting people, such is this recent trip to Disney World. It was more than a magical experience when this young boy received a big life-changing surprise. Ten-year-old John Marcus Patterson received a magical gift when his step-dad gave him the news that he was adopting him.

While John was happily chatting to Jack and Sally, characters from his favourite film The Nightmare before Christmas, his mum hands him a badge to read out loud. The badge reads “I am celebrating my step-dad adopting me”.

The moment John finds out from the badge that his stepdad is adopting him, and that he will have the same last name as the rest of his family, he starts to cry, clearly overjoyed with the news.

John Marcus mentioned to his parents that he really wanted to be a Patterson, as his last name was Costa and he felt left out. Ryan has known him since he was three when he met his wife, John’s mother Jenny, and even though he called him dad from very early on, it wasn’t official with his name and court documents.

Parents thought that it would be a magical idea to surprise him during their Disney trip, and decided to do it with Jack and Sally as they’re from his favourite film. During this wonderful moment, every person in the line and all of the cast members had a teary eye.


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