Talented Woman Clears The Pool Table With One Strike

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Published: April 17, 2018

When you're first learning how to play pool, it can seem like an art. There are different variations, strategies, and terminology to learn in addition to just getting the ball into the pocket. However, you'll have so much fun you'll forget all that.

A Chinese female pool player wowed her friends with this trick shot. The video, filmed in Shenzhen City in southern China's Guangdong Province on April 8, shows the female player known only as Heibi doing a break shot and apparently sending all the balls into the pockets in one go. Her friends are stunned into silence. According to local reports, the woman has been playing pool for more than three years.

Heibi showcases her talent by reeling off a difficult trick shot with incredible ease. This short video shows the woman preparing for her first and only shot before firing the balls in the pockets. Heibi pulls of the breath-taking shot which involves hitting the cue ball straight to the multitude of balls set in a triangular shape. When playing pool, each person has a different preferred hand position. Since Heibi is right-handed, she holds the base of the stick with her right hand and she rests the narrow end on her left. She puts her index finger on the top of the stick and her thumb at the bottom of the stick so she can have a total control of it.

After she has made some adjustments with her hands and body, she becomes focused on the direction of the stick and the moment she hits the balls hard, they get dispersed across the table, each getting into a pocket except for one. The reaction of the boys watching her is hilarious as they are left with their mouths open since they didn’t expect such a blow from a woman. She feels so proud and satisfied and she has every right to feel like that. Great job girl!

This talented girl reveals her incredible pool trick shot skills, leaving the other players in awe. Able to make the perfect calculation in order to have them all balls hit the holes in unison, this girl has mastered the way to pocket the balls with perfect precision. She makes the perfect strike as she manages to clear out the table in no time, scoring for every ball on the table with only one hit of the white ball! Impressive! She passed the pool mastery test with flying colors!

Apparently there are numerous skilled billiard players and masters of pool trick shots in China. In another amazing video we see a talented man executing his perfect one-shots through obstacles, jumps and more! He definitely has some serious set of skills to show! Incredible!

In pocket billiard such as 8-Ball or 9-Ball where you break up the balls and run them out for the win, never letting your opponent get up to the table for a shot. Evans Robin was an excellent pool player, and could break and run, rack after rack. First of all, your stroke and fundamental mechanics are a requisite to good positional play. Secondly, if you cannot master basic cue ball control (speed, spin etc.) you will never have consistent positional play. Secondly, the game of pool encompasses many skills and variables that require mastery and understanding before you can hope to break-and-run consistently.

If I had to list only a few things to work on--assuming your fundamental mechanics are already sound--they would be: The break-- this is absolutely crucial in 8 ball given that it uses a full rack of balls which requires tremendous energy to spread apart sufficiently and to sink a ball outright which, by the way, is necessary for a "break-and-run".

Intermediate to advanced shots. If you're not able to run out the reason is ultimately because you miss a shot or you don't leave yourself a shot in the first place. 8 ball strategy. This is such a vague topic, but essentially in any game of 8 ball, when you walk to the table you must be able to analyze the table and pick out the balls that will be most difficult to pocket.

Position play Another broad topic, but position play ultimately comprises four variables: speed, spin, angles and cue ball path. They all influence one another in various but logical ways (if you understand physics). Watching the pros. Every rack of pool is different, so there is no one perfect formula or set of rules that will guarantee you a break-and-run every game. Have you ever played the game of pool before and have you mastered any tricks that you would like to share with us? Share your story in the comment section below!


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