Gorilla Uses Simple Tools And Careful Aim To Knock Snack Down From A Tree

StoryfulNewsPublished: April 17, 201814 views
Published: April 17, 2018

If there was any doubt that humans have descended from apes, this video will only prove that yes, humans and apes have oh so much in common. When you see how this great ape uses simple tools to bring down a snack for herself, you will remember all those times when, as a kid, you climbed chairs and counters to reach the cookie jar that mom kept away.

A female gorilla being cared for by the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Limbe, Cameroon, has come up with a great DIY solution to the problem of obtaining some tasty mangoes.

Rowena Facee Schaeffer, who runs Facebook page Rowena Goes Ape, shared video of the clever gorilla on April 16, writing, “A rescued female gorilla gets mangoes out of the tree by throwing rocks at them. Great natural enrichment!”

Just look at her! She spots her “prey” on the branch of the mango tree, grabs a simple rock as big as her fist, snipes that ripe fruit in the canopy and after a few aims, she launches her projectile, hitting the target and bringing it right before her feet. If that’s not spectacular to behold, we don’t know what is.

Schaeffer uses the Rowena Goes Ape page to help promote conservation of great apes and regularly travels to rescue centres around the world to volunteer her time. She told Storyful, “I’m passionate about taking care and helping critically endangered great apes. Not only to raise money but also with my two feet in the dirt by working as a volunteer.”

Credit: Rowena Goes Ape via Storyful

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