Baby Girl Has The Sweetest Reaction to Hearing Her Daddy Say Hallelujah

Storyful Published April 17, 2018 669 Plays

Rumble Attention everyone! Hug mode activated No magic trick, no painstaking training efforts involved, just saying the one word: “Hallelujah”!

Have you ever seen a tiny baby react like this to just one word? Christopher and his wife discovered recently at home in Houston, Texas, that their adorable baby girl Yahtai would rest her head on their chest by simply saying “Hallelujah”! It was a response too sweet not to share.

Even in the Bible, Matthew says that from the lips of infants and children the Lord can call forth your praise. This seems more than obvious in the case of little baby Yahtai from Houston, Texas.

Little baby girl’s father, Christopher Julian, posted this adorable video footage on YouTube showing Yahtai’s instant reaction of plunging onto his chest in a loving hug after hearing him say the word “Hallelujah”, over and over again.

Julian is bouncing a very joyful Yahtai on his lap, but “Every time I say ‘Hallelujah,” she jumps on my chest,” Julian says. Julian and his wife believe that Yahtai shows such a spirited to hearing the word “Hallelujah” because she is starting to have a reverence for the Lord. And this would come as no amazement as Christopher Julian, his wife, and now baby girl Yahtai worship every night. The first time she reacted to the word they were studying the Bible. This they take as a sign that even the littlest children are capable of learning and accepting God, even those at the fragile age of Yahtai's.