Unusually Fascinating Animals You Never Knew Existed

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Rumble - The animal kingdom is larger than most people realize. From the Snub-Nosed Monkey, to the Lowland Streaked Tenrec, to the Gharial, these mysterious little creatures might be flying under your radar.

The Snub-Nosed Monkey - These group of monkeys have small slit-like noses and they are characterized by their multi-colored hair which includes colors ranging from orange to black and yellow. Their diets are primarily plant and fruit-based. They are usually found in large communal groups in mountains and forests in Eastern Asia.

Gharial - Most of us know crocodiles have longer snouts than alligators but a particularly long thin snout is what makes these reptiles stand out. Native to the Indian sub-continent, gharials are named after a type of clay pot commonly used in the region that bears a resemblance to the bulbous snubs found at the end of males’ snouts.

Gerenuk - This hoofed mammal may be colloquially known as the giraffe gazelle due to its long neck but it’s actually an antelope. Found in Eastern Africa, gerenuk has an unusual ability to rear up on their hind legs. Besides its distinctive necks and feeding habits, gerenuk also stands out with the reddish fur pattern on their backs.

Okapi - This elusive creature is so difficult to find in the wild and its nickname is the African unicorn. When seen from behind, this mammal can easily be mistaken for a zebra. However, these unusual animals are closely related to another African herbivore - giraffes.

Spiny Orb-Weaver Spider - As its name suggests, these spiders weave webs that are circular and have spines on their flat crab-like abdomens which are often brightly colored. While their colors and spines may suggest they are dangerous, these insects are normally harmless to humans and can be found in gardens and forests all over the Western hemisphere.