Ground Staff Oblivious as Fuel Spills Onto Runway at Amsterdam Airport

StoryfulNews Published April 13, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble - A journalist travelling from Amsterdam Schiphol to London on April 13 recorded the bizarre moment when two ground staff were too busy chatting to notice a fuel spill happening just a few yards from them on the runway. Rupert Evelyn, of ITV News, recorded the incident, and said that his flight ended up being delayed by two hours because of it. The video shows the two workers blithely chatting before one of them is shocked to notice the fuel leak. Evelyn tweeted: “Minimum 30 seconds of aviation fuel pouring everywhere @Schiphol probably nearer 90 seconds.” He later noted that the clean-up seemed “to involve sand, newspaper and text book deployment of hi-vis people doing nothing.” Credit: Rupert Evelyn/ITV News via Storyful