These Doctors Never Want To Stop Helping Patients

USATODAY_Humankind Published April 13, 2018 4 Plays

Rumble Every patient who comes to this office pays the same price: $0. That’s right; the patients that come to this clinic get to see a doctor absolutely free of charge! The rest of the staff also offer their services for free all year round. Granted, their hearing might not be what it used to be, their stamina much less, but they have decades of experience behind them since they retired from the medical field.

One of the volunteers is 83-year-old doctor Alex and he, just like the rest of his colleagues, never wants to stop helping people. “We enjoy treating patients,” says the octogenarian. “We actually get more from this than the patient does.” The staff of this clinic sees over 5000 patients every year. Many of those people would not be able to see a doctor, if it weren’t for them. But as long as they are able, these medical professionals promise to take care of as many people as possible.

While some retiring doctors might slow down when they reach a more advanced age, it surely does not mean that their knowledge and skills cannot be put to good use. In addition, nothing can replace the satisfaction a doctor gets from working with families, improving the lives of children and seeing them go on to succeed in life. This is what happens when your passion and your profession merge into one: a vocation that lasts for a lifetime and knows no retirement.