Baby Girl Breaks Into Huge Grin Upon Hearing Bird Songs

Caters_NewsPublished: April 13, 201812,186 views
Published: April 13, 2018

A heartwarming moment was captured on camera featuring an adorable baby girl reacting to birds. Watch the emotional moment when this cutie pie hears birdsong for the first time and breaks into a huge grin. Cuteness overload!

While dad Archie was walking through Bedelands Nature Reserve, West Sussex, his lovely five-month-old daughter Alice was mesmerized by the sight of nature. However, it was after hearing the birds break out into a song that Alice broke into a huge grin. Amazing!

In this clip, filmed on April 8, we witness the adorable moment when Alice stretches a curious grin across her face while keeping them eyes wide-open.

Hearing the musical chirping of birds, Alice turns her head around in wonderment, trying to figure out where the lovely sound is coming from. Apparently, she has never heard a birdsong before, therefore she was mesmerised by the sounds coming from all directions!

Footage shows Archie carrying Alice on his shoulders, while his wife is recording the lovely moment on camera. This video is a real proof that babies notice the numerous wonders of nature and their innocent curiosity for something we take for granted is absolutely genuine.

Watch as Alice makes gurgles and giggles while enjoying the mesmerizing sounds of birds singing. It's such a heartwarming moment when Alice hears birdsongs for the first time and turns her head as she looks to see where the noises are coming from.

And as if she realized that the birds are speaking to her, Alice shines the biggest smile as a response. She smiled from ear to ear when she first heard birds’ voice. It is such a beautiful moment to witness!

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